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The translation of natural patterns and processes into structural edifices began three generations ago with my grandfather. His son, my father, continued the tradition as an architect with over 50 years of designing architectural projects.

Today I continue their tradition, drawing inspiration from the spectacular vistas of the Pacific Northwest and attempting to capture them in the natural materials and robust lines of my unique homes.

As both architect and builder I have the ability to ensure that each home I create follows my original design and that quality and care are in every detail.  Each of my homes is uniquely inspired by its setting and surroundings and is the result of the daily attention and dedication I give to each of my projects.

                                 Ronald H Holsman AIA

“The character of  a profession depends upon the character of its individuals.  The reputation of a profession depends upon it’s organization and the participation of all in it’s welfare... Architecture is a social phenomenon, not and individual phenomenon.”

Henry K. Holsman
President , Illinois Chapter, The American Institute of Architects inaugural address June 10, 1919.
Source: Leadership By Design by Richard N. Swett FAIA,M1,M1shapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1

“I go to nature every day for inspiration in the day's work. I follow in building the principles which nature has used in its domain.”                                                                    -Frank Lloyd Wright

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“The Lodge Home “ online store ( will offer an extensive line of high quality lodge furnishings and decor, suitable for creating  an authentic lodge environment for your commercial project or home.  The selections offered will include a wide range of  lodge decorating styles including , classic lodge, formal lodge, adirondack/northern lodge, seacoast lodge, southwestern and  western lodge.

Our collection of “campaign” furniture includes finely crafted, authentic  reproductions of the typical furnishings used during world  travel and in staterooms during the era of  maritime exploration at the turn of the 19th century.

Our selections for our store were inspired by the furnishing’s  found in the interiors of great North American Lodges which often included  the collections and display of unique art and artifacts of local  and historic relevance to each lodge’s setting.  Our  vintage gifts and decor collection was included to provide a wide range of choices of exceptional and authentic  replicas of many of these items , including  intricately detailed models of legendary boats and planes, antique maritime and flight instruments and lamps, globes and unique artifacts . 

Our furnishing selections  offer the widest range of the highest quality decorating  products available,  including solid hardwood furniture, beautifully crafted leather furniture , authentic  models and replicas, period art, vintage gifts and decor, replicas of antique lighting,  lamps and lanterns , native zapotec weavings, lodge quilts and bedding, decorative blankets and pillows, area rugs and unusual and  dramatic “central feature” display items, such as  antique wooden airplane propellers, authentic full size cedar canoes and large intricately detailed legendary plane and boat models and  much more.

Examples of just a few of the lodge decor selections which we will offer, can be seen here  in the homes of Ronald H Holsman AIA and Pacific Pointe.

Be sure to return and  visit our store  in the very  near future!

Ronald H Holsman AIA

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